1/2 Hour Photo

Passport Photos in 5 minutes

No Appointment Needed! Private studio and a professional photographer always on staff. Our photos and prints surpass all requirements and are completed while you wait.
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252.636.3559 • 3315 Dr MLK Blvd • McCarthy Square • New Bern NC • Mon-Fri 9:30-5 Sat 9:30-3

Transfer Service

Preserve you family memories.
VHS, VHSC, Beta, 8mm, Super 8, Hi 8, Digital Tape, 16mm, even audio cassettes can be transferred to DVD.
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From digital makeovers, person added or removed, retouching & more!
1/2 Hour Photo can handle file problems can be varied but range from simple dust and blemishes that haven't been removed from a scan to color casts, focus or resolution issues. We do all our retouching in house and straightforward photoshop services such as minor corrections, sharpening and upsizng of files. We can also take on complex montaging, art creation and restoration projects. Please ask us for an estimate.

Photo Restoration

PHOTO Restoration of old photographs: retouching, colorizing, photo manipulation, photo composites, ...

We specialize in the repair, restoration and preservation of your damaged and faded family photos. Do you have an old, faded or torn photograph that you would like repaired, restored and maybe even colorized? 1/2 Hour Photo is here to serve all of your photo restoration needs. Let us restore and preserve your cherished family photos. Over time, old photographs simply fall apart and fade away, but you can prevent that from happening by contacting us today.


Enlargements inspired by museum quality printing paper. Quality prints up to 16X20 ready in just minutes. Retouching and Photoshop services always available.


Our scanning service keeps your images in mind. Hi Resolution Scans makes better enlargements, archive files and DVD presentations. Your precious photos, slides, or negatives never leave our premises. Discounts available on quantity projects.
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Premium Portraits now available in New Bern 1/2 Hour Photo has raised the bar now offering instant portraits and digital makeover services in our state of the art studio. No hot lights and a casual setting will make your session fun!
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